My Cigar Pack’s Frequently Asked Questions segment has been designed after years of research and engagement with all our cigar of the month club members. It is a comprehensive resource for all members and curious visitors’ questions that will guide them towards the best experience within their time engaged with us. Below, viewers will find answers to questions that revolve around the anatomy of our cigar of the month club, basic guidance on how to perform club membership changes, and other details.

My Cigar Pack’s cigar of the month club provides members the most dynamic offering within the cigar subscription niche thanks to the extensive assortment options that tailor to both new smokers and cigar aficionado’s preferences. We work closely with the most reputable premium cigar brand and manufacturers to curate a selection anchored in the concepts of discovery and value. Once members join, they will receive an array of different cigars with detailed information segments every month depending on their pre-determined selections, which will renew every month automatically on the day they signed up. Members will have absolute freedom and flexibility to tailor these selections within their user profile segment. Visit our memberships page to learn about all our monthly premium cigar offerings.
YES! My Cigar Pack members may add as many memberships as they would like to have.
OF COURSE! My Cigar Pack has been designed to connect our members with the products we cater in our monthly selections. We always encourage our members to support their local tobacconists prior to gravitating towards an online cigar retailer yet have created a sister brand that strives to honorably serve these brands and fulfill our members’ needs if their desire is to procure their cigars online. Cigar Yard is our premium cigar online retailer (sister brand) that will carry all the cigars provided in the packs and more. VISIT CIGARYARD.COM
My Cigar Pack Members will receive special discounts, sales, and offers in Cigar Yard. Please check your User Profile to view your member’s discounted code for your Cigar Yard purchases.
Our platform that validates the information you provide. We may implement a method of questioning to verify your information. Please see our terms and policies before using our platform; do not engage in our website if you are not of legal age to do so.
My Cigar Pack is the most dynamic premium cigar of the month club in the market… This is what represents our service to our members. We are dynamic because we provide the widest range of options and categories for our members; from beginner cigar 5-packs to high-end, limited, and hard to find cigar selections. We are the most dynamic cigar of the month club because our +10-year cigar market experienced director has worked in various fronts and levels in the cigar industry and is striving to improve the way cigar smokers experience cigars and their discovery process. We are dynamic because we work tirelessly to curate these monthly cigar samplers together with the manufacturers, prioritizing the most ideal placement with the member’s interest at hand, rather than simply acquiring cigars in a wholesale process and arbitrarily creating selections. We are dynamic because our prices are one of the most competitive in our market space and encourage our members to validate that we provide them with the most value for their hard-earned dollars within our niche.
My Cigar Pack works with the most reputable and validated brands in the market. Please visit our BRANDS AND PARTNERS segment, where you will find a comprehensive cigar brand guide with all our cigar brands and manufacturing factories.
My Cigar Pack’s GIFT MEMBERSHIP is a separate membership segment designed so visitors can swiftly select their desired cigar membership gift preferences and check out. The person purchasing the gift membership may choose from a selection of different membership options and for how long they want to keep this gift recurring. Once the gift membership has expired the recipient will have to create a new membership if they desire to remain part of our cigar of the month club family. Is this the perfect cigar gift?
My Cigar Pack’s comprehensive User Profile segment will enable all members to modify their preferences through a very simple user interphase. Members will be able to modify their profile attributes such as updating credit card information, changing their addresses, or adding/changing their cigar subscription selections.
Is your budget a bit tight this month? Do you currently have too many cigars? My Cigar Pack members have absolute freedom and flexibility to pause their memberships whenever they’d like. Memberships will be paused for a maximum of two months; if they are not re-activated prior to the third month’s renewal date, they will automatically be cancelled and member will have to sign-in, add a new membership to their profile, and check-out. All membership pauses and resume processes should be handled within the member’s user profile by members. Please make sure to pause your membership(s) prior to your renewal and know that an email notification to pause will not guarantee a timely pause prior to renewal.
Our cigar of the month programs may be cancelled at any moment with no penalties whatsoever. Members may cancel their memberships by visiting their user profile, selecting the subscription they want to cancel, and proceeding with cancellation instructions. Please make sure to cancel prior to your renewal and know that an email notification to cancel will not guarantee a timely pause prior to renewal. For more information, please visit our CANCELLATION POLICY segment.
My Cigar Pack is proud to ship our premium cigar selections to many countries around the world. Please visit at our INTERNATIONAL MARKETS segment to learn more…
My Cigar Pack is always ready to discuss your needs; Send us an email to customer service describing your specific scenario and who knows… We may be able to supply you with a premium cigar selection for your golf tournament or… Wedding Cigars!
We take pride in being one of the fastest and most active organizations of our nature. My Cigar Pack will likely process your order within 48-72 business hours upon receiving the first order or renewal. Please note that renewals will occur around the same time/date you joined (if you joined April 20, you will renew on May 20 unless there is an issue with your payment, we slightly moved your renewal date due to internal reasons, or something along these lines… Please know that we go out of our way to work around the clock to process your orders as soon as we possibly can, yet we do not control the shipping carriers and external handicaps may slow down the process such as logistical issues with cigars, national holidays affecting pick-up processes, and other phenoms of varying nature.
Accidents happen and we’re here to help. Premium cigars are hand made products that are very fragile and although rare, even when we try our best to keep your cigar assortments safe these may occasionally suffer in the shipment process. If your contents have been damaged in the shipment process, please, send us an email with a picture and a short description of what was affected. We will reach out as soon as possible with a solution.
Premium cigars are hand-rolled leaves of dark air cured tobacco that attain their flexible and oily nature through exposure to water, sun, and a variable of humidity and temperature fluctuation… This means cigars are a completely natural products that will always be relatively different from each other… There will be a time in a cigar aficionado’s life where she or he will find a plugged cigar or something that is objectively wrong with it. We understand this and will gladly assist you in ameliorating this circumstance. Although rare, if you encounter a plugged cigar or something of such nature, please send us an email with a picture and a short description of what was affected. We will reach out as soon as possible with a solution.
Tracking numbers will occasionally display as “delivered” before the actual delivery of the product. Prior to reaching out, please wait 24-48 hours before considering the product lost. If the product is still not delivered, you will need to reach out to USPS with your tracking number as it is recipients who must file a lost claim; occasionally USPS will bring the contents back to their office if they cannot deliver the product for some reason and try the next day or in occasions return it to us. Oftentimes members will request we modify their shipping details with more precise details or something specific like ask us that “we deliver to their doorstep rather than mailbox given it is subject to being vandalized” under the note section; This will not be possible to keep track of and we cannot be responsible for incomplete or erroneous address details. Please provide correct and specific details to avoid product being lost or returned; details such as these previously mentioned may be entered in the second address line for delivery carriers to take note of in the delivery process. Please understand that we cannot finance returns or lost product cases and will not be held liable. If your product is returned to MCP due to incomplete address circumstances, please see next question. In lost product cases unrelated to address specifications, please reach out and we will reach out as soon as possible with a solution.
Starting on January 1st of 2023, if a member’s order is returned to My Cigar Pack the member may opt for the following solutions: a) acquire a product return label that will be available here, and we will re-ship the product once it is returned; b) kindly request we ship it alongside their upcoming renewal; If a member cancels their membership prior to return, option b will not be viable. The returned product will be considered abandoned if it is unclaimed 30 days after it is returned to our premises based on tracking information. My Cigar Pack will not issue refunds on returned or lost products. For more information, please visit our SHIPPING AND RETURNS page.
My Cigar Pack members will always receive cigar assortments curated from that same month. If you joined the last day of the month, you would receive that month’s selections, no exceptions. This guarantees that new members that are intrigued by cigar samplers they see on our media platforms are fulfilled with the appropriate selections.
My Cigar Pack has developed a special program geared for all tobacco-licensed retailers. Please visit our RETAILER PROGRAM page to learn more.
Please visit and subscribe to our social media outlets where we place all our efforts to develop the best cigar content that we possibly can, including detailed cigar reviews, cigar brand interviews, cigar education videos and more.
Visit our CONTACT segment and reach out. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible