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THE NAME IS BOND… CIGAR BOND. Alexander Berezowksi



13 Jul 2023 0 Comments

One of the things I’ve always doubled down on is that to create something extraordinary, you need to work with extraordinary people. This may come across as obvious or redundant to some, but it is more often than not that people forget there is no “I” in “TEAM.”

I became friends with Justin Bond through exchanges in social media when My Cigar Pack’s social platforms were being developed and it was time to set up our mood board. I’m no photography expert by any means, but I know quality and taste when I spot it.

His creativity and essence blew me away and after minor exchanges our friendship sprouted. I invited JB to the IPCPR/PCA show in Vegas the summer prior to MCP’s launch, where I validated his character and approach. At that moment, it was clear to me that we were going to build a long-lasting partnership.

We’re honored to work with different individuals that provide us with outstanding content, but we will always ride with Justin, who’s our “official” photographic content developer. If we ever grow enough, we’ll likely poach him to be our full-time media director. Shoot for the moon…

Justin Bond is based in the beautiful West Coast of the US & A, living the dream and getting better at his craft every day. He encompasses a collection of engaging stories and stunning cigar lifestyle high-end content. Yes, he will work with anybody that shares his vision.

His goal has always been to achieve genuine and authentic content for cigar brands by highlighting the key aspects of aesthetics, luxury, and complimentary goods. His mission is to enhance all brand’s abilities to expand onto a broad audience hungry for distinction and creativity.

Here are a few questions he answered:

What inspires you when setting up for a shoot?

When I am preparing to approach a shoot I am getting into the mindset of creating content that is relatable to people. I want to present cigars, bourbon, and accessories in a way that people can relate to and have a different approach than the typical “product photography” we normally think of. I want the end-viewer to be able to picture themselves with this cigar and enjoy all of its beauty!

Why do you smoke cigars?

I have been smoking cigars for some time now but the reason why has always stayed the same. I enjoy cigars because it slows the pace of life down for a couple of hours. You see, cigars are not meant to be smoked in a short duration of time. You have to be intentional and take the time to enjoy it. This is why I tend to smoke with other people; with the amount of time it takes to smoke a cigar (sometimes two cigars) it allows the time to fellowship and be present with other people. I find this is the time when we get into really good conversations, where we learn, challenge each other, and grow in friendships. Cigars ultimately helps foster community.

What is so special about cigar photography?

The thing that is so special about cigar photography is that it is a mode that showcases the final product that so many hands took part in creating. There are very few products where SO many people are involved in the process of from start to finish. A single cigar has gone through 100’s of hands over the duration of 6 months or more! So why not give cigars the deserved attention and love with the photography!

Here are Justin’s links. Show him some love.

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