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My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle Shamir Camasta


My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle

25 Oct 2023 0 Comments

If the world of cigars catches your attention or you are passionate about it and you appreciate the moment of “rite” that sharing this type of art can offer you, we assure you that in My Cigar Pack you will find a very satisfactory experience. We are a luxury cigar club that not only makes it easy for you to access high quality cigars, but we also have a variety of memberships available where the passion for cigars is not only enjoyed individually, but also becomes a shared lifestyle. .

There is a feeling of satisfaction and peace within the moment of smoking a cigarette, it feels like being part of the construction of a way of life. It is an elegant moment that can be of solitude or it can be of living the experience of knowledge with other cigar lovers.

My Cigar Pack, as a supplier and educator, is committed to providing you with all the information you need about the cigar lifestyle and access to a good selection of the highest quality cigars. Our memberships offer variety, experience and cigar knowledge, helping you move from one level to the next. Whether you're the newest or the most experienced, our luxury cigar club offers a variety of packages designed to suit each member's tastes and preferences.

Why Choose My Cigar Pack? 

My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle

Choosing My Cigar Pack means you're aligning with a brand that values quality, community, and an unwavering passion for cigars. We strive to create memorable moments manifesting through every cigar we meticulously handpick for you. 

  • You gain access to our expertly curated selection of premium cigars from top producers around the globe.

  • You enjoy the excitement of trying out new brands and blends every month, enhancing your understanding and appreciation of cigars.

  • You become part of an interactive club where the ethos of cigar appreciation thrives. You are part of the experience. You are part of us.

Let us welcome you to the cigar club. Whether you're an established cigar aficionado or embarking on your journey into the world of cigars, My Cigar Pack is poised to offer unparalleled service, products, and experiences.

What are the Different Membership Options Available in My Cigar Pack?

My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle

Whether you are a casual cigar enthusiast or a seasoned connoisseur, My Cigar Pack has a membership option that suits your preferences and enhances your cigar lifestyle. Our cigar club memberships are divided into 5 categories:

  • THE BRAND MEMBERSHIP: Brand Club Members receive a monthly selection of 5 cigars directly from the selected brand and benefit from the many perks of the limited membership for a monthly cost of $39.99. Cigar brands available within this option: Casa 1910, Villiger, Caldwell + Lost & Found. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CONTIGUOUS USA.

  • MYSTERY PACK: a membership that caters a selection of different cigars from our portfolio that guarantees at least $40 in MSRP value. Selections are random and members must have one of our other memberships to join. Monthly cost: $29.99.

  • FACTORY DIRECT: Missed out on a previous FD or want more We may have some stock for a one-time purchase in Cigar YardThese are also fantastic gifts at a great price. Monthly cost: $29.99. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CONTIGUOUS USA.

  • CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Here you have the option to choose from 3 to 5 high quality cigars and customize the strength experience between mild-medium and medium-full. Monthly cost or every other month: $39.99. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CONTIGUOUS USA.

  • MY CIGAR PACK ELITE: The My Cigar Pack Elite Club has been designed with no variations and caters a monthly selection of 5 of the best of the ultra premium cigars in the market. Join the club or the waiting list. Monthly cost: $54.99. FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL CONTIGUOUS USA.

My Cigar Pack A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle

My Cigar Pack
represents an opportunity to immerse yourself in an environment that celebrates and cultivates the appreciation for the distinct, timeless art of the hand-rolled cigar. It invites you, the discerning connoisseur, to experience this European tradition that has endured through centuries, and share your passion and knowledge with like-minded individuals.

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Looking where to start the cigar lifestyle? start with us! You can see our collectionaccesories & you can also join the MCP Cigar Club! We offer a variety of memberships for anyone who experiences the cigar lifestyle. Be sure to check them out and see which one best suits your needs.

My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle
My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle
My Cigar Pack: A Luxury Cigar Club Inside the Cigar Lifestyle
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