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Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars Shamir Camasta


Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars

14 Nov 2023 0 Comments

My Cigar Pack - Cigar Brands - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars

My Cigar Pack, cigar of the month club, as a supplier and cigar club, we do not work alone, but rather we work with the best cigar brands and manufacturers who share our vision. Among the brands that are associated with us, we can start by mentioning AJ Fernandez Cigars.

Known as one of the industry’s largest independent tobacco growers, AJ Fernandez has complimented his raw-material expertise with an ever-growing profile of trophy worthy blends. Unparalleled in passion, the mastermind behind the brand has developed one of the most sought-for lineups while impeccably maintaining the adequateness of his unique product.

Not only do they construct and produce top-notch cigars, but they also contribute significantly to raising the bar in the field of cigar manufacturing. The association between My Cigar Pack and AJ Fernandez Cigars not only benefits us, but also extends to you, our dear members. When you choose My Cigar Pack, you are indirectly choosing from an exquisite range of AJ Fernandez Cigars. 

Best AJ Fernandez Cigars

AJ Fernandez Cigars, headquartered in Nicaragua, are renowned for their top-notch craftsmanship and complex flavors. Rooted in tradition, this iconic brand combines both age-old and modern cigar-making techniques to produce quality cigars that speak volumes of their commitment to excellence. 

To further enhance your experience, My Cigar Pack provides a diverse range of these cigars, allowing you to explore different tastes and aroma.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - New World Puro Especial
  • The AJ Fernandez New World Puro Especial: A delightful blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers presents a medium-full bodied smoke with flavors of nuts, pepper and coffee.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - New World
  • AJ Fernandez New World, a full-bodied cigar rich with flavours of coffee and nuts followed by a spicy sweetness, is a favourite amongst our members.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - New World Cameroon
  • New World Cameroon: This distinguished, premium cigar wraps itself in a distinctively radiant Cameroon wrapper leaf, encasing a robust interior full of top-notch Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. While the blend leans towards being full-bodied, a trait uncommon with a Cameroon wrapper, the palate is never overwhelmed because a balance of rich flavors is meticulously maintained. Taste the delightfully complex medley of coffee, cocoa, and wood, leading up to a flavorful finish that hints of nuttiness and zest.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - New World Connecticut
  • New World Connecticut hides a complex fusion of long-fillers from Brazil and Nicaragua, wrapped carefully in a vibrant golden-blond Connecticut Shade. Beneath its exterior, you'll discover an ambiance of cedar, along with layers of white pepper, wheat, and baking spices. This blend is available in a variety of sizes that are sure to cater to every cigar enthusiast's preference.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - New World Connecticut
  • Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez with its splendid mix of rare and exclusive tobaccos gets the praise it deserves.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - Enclave Broadleaf
  • Enclave Broadleaf by AJ Fernandez, another example of the innovative and crafty hands of AJ Fernandez cigar makers, appeals to all full-bodied cigar enthusiasts.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - Last Call
  • Last Call by AJ Fernandez, experience rich hints of red pepper, nuts, mesquite, and a touch of milk chocolate in a smoke that is straightforward yet intriguingly delightful. According to ratings from Cigar Aficionado, Last Call has earned a praiseworthy 93-point score.

My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars - Last Call Maduro
  • Last Call Maduro, packed with the richness from a glistening Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper, along with Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos cultivated from exclusive farms. Relish the surprising tones of molasses and black pepper, providing a bit of tanginess in a variety of compact, finely-balanced sizes. The Last Call Maduro has a unique, grounded, and sweet taste.

          AJ Fernandez Cigars Price

          The price ranges for AJ Cigars packs can start between 30.99 - 36.99 US and go up to 165-170 US.

          By being associated with brands like AJ Cigars, not only does My Cigar Pack guarantee a high-quality, premium cigar experience, but we also ensure that the delightful aroma and intricate flavour profiles unique to AJ Fernandez Cigars are conveniently available to you. We believe our association with best-in-class cigar manufacturers like AJ Cigars will help us achieve our aim to deliver an unparalleled smoking experience to our esteemed members.

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          My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars
          My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars
          My Cigar Pack - Our Partners - AJ Fernandez Cigars
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