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Is My Cigar Pack the Best Cigar of The Month Club? Alexander Berezowksi


Is My Cigar Pack the Best Cigar of The Month Club?

13 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Price point.




There are many reasons why we believe My Cigar Pack has an amazing program, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide (we may be a little biased).

My Cigar Pack was born with the mission to positively impact the cigar community through our platforms. We weren’t marketers when we started this project, but we knew cigars and had a vision to develop a subscription service (and an online retail structure) in an emerging micro-niche that was missing purpose. It was missing context.

The traditional cigar subscription mechanism dates back to the boom of the (transition-into online) cigar catalogs, and were perceived (by the general public) as a system to rid inventory excess of this perishable good, with reduced rates in a continuous sale. Win-win. We all get it. 

In recent years, some noted that there was a void to fill beyond the inventory-dump theory, which extended onto premium (high-end) cigar smokers who would adapt in our “antiquated” market – to services of this nature for various reasons.

The combination of constant product exposure through the outpour of cigar blogs and online segments, alongside the entrenchment of global platforms such as Netflix and other pioneers of the digital enrollment pulpit as indispensable components in the modern man’s (and woman’s) day-to-day, deemed our community was ready for these platforms.

That’s the foundation and now we’ll skip to where My Cigar Pack becomes relevant, because we’re here to talk about how we can be of service and impact you positively.

My Cigar Pack has one program and no complications, which means that our concept has been thought-of and developed for the benefit of the user. An effortless two-step process where users select their strength preference and we get to work, guarantees a fun and stress-free experience.

Our members join the club for $34.99 and have an awesome monthly delivery of 5 premium-cigars shipped for free to their doorstep, accompanied by an add-on that compliments their experience, and top of the line packaging. There are even more affordable cigar samplers within the offerings, as MCP3 starts at $24.99 and Factory Direct at $28.75.

We work with the brand owners and manufacturers, and at the same time we listen to our members in order to convey the best we possibly can. Our direct engagement and involvement with the real experts, is really what polishes this concept into a simplistic structure of bringing new, old, and rare cigars to the people.

The competitive price point is just what makes it accessible to each and every smoker out there, yet what truly distinguishes our program is our customer service. We’re not only readily available to take care of your needs, but we’re always wanting to hear from you.

My Cigar Pack introduced the first fully-digital and essentially paperless program with the QR code scanning concept for all the details of the cigars in the pack, provides free cancellations without previous commitment requirements, and is the only subscription structure that empowers users with the opportunity to select their cigar-strength preferences.

This is nothing but a dream born from the vision of a simplistic subscription service that provided members the opportunity to try different cigars every month at a competitive rate through an engaging structure, while serving as a bridge from the community to the brand owners and manufacturers, and providing the most value with our product.

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My Cigar Pack - Is My Cigar Pack the Best Cigar of The Month Club?
My Cigar Pack - Is My Cigar Pack the Best Cigar of The Month Club?
My Cigar Pack - Is My Cigar Pack the Best Cigar of The Month Club?
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