Known as one of the industry’s largest independent tobacco growers, AJ Fernandez has complimented his raw-material expertise with an ever-growing profile of trophy worthy blends. Unparalleled in passion, the mastermind behind the brand has developed one of the most sought-for lineups while impeccably maintaining the adequateness of his unique product.


One hundred years of hard work and dedication are the result of a tradition of excellence in the cigar industry. Setting a global benchmark for many brands in the market, a persistent family with humble beginnings paved their way through core values and product innovation. Four generations strong and family operated in the Dominican Republic, the passion continues for the Fuente family as strong as ever.


This is the congregation between an illustrious musician passionate about cigars and one of the most attentive-to-detail companies in the industry. Davidoff USA and Avo Uvezian preyed distinction and superbness until they were able to develop a profile worthy of branding. Avo Cigars has attained the love of a challenging crowd through the creation of impeccable blend after blend.


This company was created with the mission of creating special cigars using well aged and rare tobaccos while having an awesome time doing so. They’ve succeeded. Friendship and creativity are just a couple of the pillars that solidify this brand and the consistency with which they do it has gotten them the love of many.


Erik Espinosa and his team represent a premium cigar company married to creating the highest quality product for every smoker. Their mind-set is based on satisfying customer’s needs and wants in different moments, leaving their mark along the way. A brand with a strong character, sturdy values and unique as the people behind it, is one you don’t want to leave out of your humidor.


Ex-Nasa analyst and brand owner Omar de Frias claims “it’s not rocket science.” Well Omar, given how difficult it is to blend a top-notch premium cigar and produce it on a consistent basis, it may as well be. Launched in 2013 and expanded throughout the market until this day, this boutique brand is making a big impact on all smokers, maybe even as big as its ex-pro basketball player- creator. Look for this brand’s dynamic lineup to fulfill your cigar needs day in and out.


La Aurora was founded by a hard-working tobacco man that innovated cigar production in the world. Followed by generations, the family owned company stands as the oldest Dominican cigar factory and one of the oldest in the world, striving for more than a century with collective enthusiasm and drive. A brand with global standards of excellence stays resilient and roars throughout the industry like the lion that brands their shield.


LFD’S commitment to never compromise quality through exemplary quality control and customer service has gotten the brand to one of the most recognized in the world. A family owned and operated company has attained a substantial portfolio of outstanding cigars through their meticulous supervision, hard work, and attention to details. La Flor Dominicana should always be present in your humidor.


As their story goes, La Galera Cigars was born on a warm and sunny day at Tabacalera Palma’s headquarters, in the cigar capital of the World. José “Jochy” Blanco has been growing tobacco and making quality cigars for as long as we can remember. A genuine character and outstanding quality are two things one is reminded of when speaking to Jochy. You’ll get the same feel from La Galera’s lineup.


The Aganorsa Leaf brand portfolio yields its signature flavor all throughout, attributed to the Nicaraguan soil in the Fernandez family’s farms. A vertically integrated company that oversee their production process “from seed to ash”, as they love to say, guarantee their signature leaves enhance all of their production. Eduardo, Max, Paul, Terence, and the rest of the dedicated team are responsible for the appreciable experience of Aganorsa Leaf smokers.


Founded in 1930 and standing for as long as most modern-day factories, Nat Sherman’s transcendence stemmed from their traditional Epoca brand and has evolved ever since. A family owned and managed company over generations which constantly produces brands that invade the highest appreciated reviews in the market, continues to reinvent itself and stay on most aficionados’ radar.


Numerous accolades and industry setting quality standards represent why Oliva is one of the most distinguished names in the premium cigar world. A traditional brand forged by generations with the furthermost determination to become an essential asset of every humidor and an extensive portfolio of distinguished blends guarantees an enjoyable experience for all the premium cigar smokers.


The Plasencia family stands as one of the largest tobacco-growing families in the world. Complementing these operations with a state-of-the-art premium cigar production is no easy feat. Managed and operated by Nestor Plasencia Sr., Nestor Jr., and his brothers, they continue to make a strong impact in the industry. Expect nothing less than amazing coming from the Plasencia name.


The Quesada family has been a part of the tobacco industry for over a century. Try doing something for over one hundred years and not becoming a master of it. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Manolo Quesada and his family have been going at it for decades with love, passion, and determination. A fifth generation joins him and the elite manufacturing crew ties the bow on a team that strives to give smokers superlative products day in and out.


Roma; Rosales and Martin. Craft; activity involving particular skill to make things by hands or in artisanal fashion. Romacraft; top of the line premium cigar brand where Michael Rosales and Skip Martin join forces and through the finest of crafts, their product is born. As one of the most demanded boutique brands, their lineup entails tobacco with the highest quality and a clean branding that lets their blends do the talking.

ROOM 101

Founded more than a decade ago, Matt Booth started honoring the cigar-making craft through a progressive approach altogether. Rising through popularity in the genesis of the boutique brand era, Matt and his team did their magic, and like so, disappeared. Not resisting industry exile, the brand reincarnated in 2017 through collaborative projects with a few of the most renowned industry names.


Pete Johnson is a creative mastermind that grew into the cigar boom and never looked back. Established nearly two decades ago on the fundaments of devotedness and commitment, the Tatuaje brand has gained global traction and appreciation for its consistency and superior quality. A brand with bold personality and minimalistic, yet ingenious exposure, continues to establish the highest of standards for premium cigars.


A So-Cal based collective known for inventive brandings and award-winning blends that constantly brings out masterpieces is nothing less than a serious contender in this industry. Derived from multinational importer and distributor Kretek Group, the company has perfected strategic partnership developments to produce their lineup with a few of the most renowned factories in the world, such as Davidoff, Drew Estate, Oliva Cigar Co., La Alianza (EPC), La Aurora, and Matasa (Quesada).


Born in Pfeffikon, Switzerland, the 130 plus year old Villiger Sons Limited stands as a traditional and enduring company in the tobacco industry. Expanding their operations into the United States, the company has focused on their hand-rolled cigar expertise with extreme seriousness and vigor. Mr. Heinrich Villiger and his team have a clear goal of presenting the public with products of outstanding quality and the record shows.