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Maintaining the Best Humidity for Cigars: Accessories & Comparative Analysis Shamir Camasta


Maintaining the Best Humidity for Cigars: Accessories & Comparative Analysis

24 Jan 2024 0 Comments

My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best Humidity for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis

If you've ever wondered why your cigars aren't tasting quite right, the answer may simply be down to humidity. The secret to achieving the optimal taste and performance from any cigar lies in maintaining the right amount of moisture around it. Too dry or too wet, and your cherished smokes could end up ruined. But don't fret! In this user-friendly guide, we're going to break down the ideal humidity levels for storing your cigars and the best accessories to help you achieve them. We'll also showcase an easy-to-understand comparative table to guide you further. So sit back, light up, and let's delve into the intriguing world of cigar humidity. 

For the best possible experience, you should aim to keep your cigars stored at a humidity level of approximately 68-72%. This closely recreates the tropical climates where most tobacco is grown and gives cigars their distinct flavor profile. This level of humidity keeps the tobacco leaves pliable, which can lead to a slow, uniform burn, optimal draw, and excellent aroma. 

So, how can you ensure this ideal humidity level? Fret no further, because we're introducing the best accessories to do so - hygrometers and humidifiers. A hygrometer measures the humidity level within your humidor, while a humidifier adds or reduces moisture as needed. Get a digital hygrometer for precise measurements - look for models like the Xikar PuroTemp Wireless Hygrometer System or the Boveda Butler. As for humidifiers, consider the Boveda Humidity Packs, which are two-way humidity control packs that both release and absorb moisture to maintain an exact humidity level. 

My Cigar Pack Bring Today the Best Humidity Level for Cigars 

My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best Humidity Level for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis

Time for a comparative look into cigar humidity: 

Humidity Level Effects on Cigar Best Mitigation Method
< 60% Cigars become too dry, lose flavor, burn quickly Use of a high-quality humidifier
60-68% Still dry but manageable, flavor may be slightly affected Use of humidity packs
68-72% Ideal conditions, optimal flavor and burn rate Monitor with a hygrometer, maintain with a humidifier
> 72% Cigars are too moist, may become moldy or infested with tobacco beetles Decrease humidity with silica gel packets

No matter what, remember that always having a set of quality accessories can help ensure you hit that sweet spot of 68-72% humidity every time. Now that you know, you can truly savor the depth of each smoke and never again wonder why your cigars aren't tasting quite right. 

Accesories to Maintain the Best Humidity for Cigars

My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best Humidity for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis - Cigar Humidor

Humidity levels play a pivotal role in maintaining the quality and flavor of your cigars. Ideally, the best humidity level for your cigars should be between 68% and 72%. So, why this particular range? Too little humidity can lead to dried out cigars and the sap and oils within the tobacco leaves drying up. On the other hand, too much humidity can cause the cigars to become moist, producing mold and unpleasant flavors. 

Now, maintaining that ideal humidity level can be a bit tricky, but luckily there are some excellent cigar accessories available in the market to help you with this task. Here are some of the best: 


My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best Humidity Level for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis - Cigar Humidor

Humidors are specialized storage containers created to maintain a consistent humidity level for the preservation of cigars, tobacco or other smokeable substances. They come in various sizes, starting from small travel-size cases to large cabinet-like humidors that can store hundreds of cigars. 

Humidity Packs 

My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best level Humidity for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis - Humidity Packs

These are easy to use packs that regulate the humidity inside your storage container. They come in various percentages to help you adjust to different climates. For instance, Boveda packs work by either adding or removing moisture to maintain an overall consistent humidity level. 


My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best level Humidity Level for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis - Hygrometers

Hygrometers can be classified as essential for any serious cigar collector. These devices allow you to measure the humidity level inside your humidor accurately. Digital hygrometers are generally more preferred due to their higher accuracy. 

Humidity Beads 

My Cigar Pack - Maintaining the Best level Humidity Level for Cigars - Accessories & Comparative Analysis - Humidity Beads

These small devices act as a sponge and maintain a constant 70% humidity level in your humidor. As soon as the beads start to turn color or shrink, you need to dunk them in distilled water to ensure they continue working effectively. 

Here's a comparative table to give you a better idea about the features of these accessories: 

Accessory Pros Cons
Humidor Stores multiple cigars, maintains ideal humidity level Can be quite expensive, especially the larger models
Humidity Packs Easy to use, regulates humidity level Needs to be replaced every few months
Hygrometer Accurately measures humidity level Digital ones can be expensive
Humidity Beads Maintains constant 70% humidity level Need to monitor the color and size of the beads

Each accessory has its own pros and cons. Therefore, you would need to evaluate based on your specific needs and budget. But remember, maintaining the right humidity level is essential to enjoy your cigars to the fullest. So, whichever you choose, ensure it helps you attain that desired humidity balance. 

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My Cigar Pack - Best Humidity for Cigar
My Cigar Pack - Best Humidity for Cigar
My Cigar Pack - Best Humidity for Cigar
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