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FLOR DE ESPINOSA Alexander Berezowksi



13 Jul 2023 0 Comments

May’s Factory Direct is special because we’re celebrating and commemorating a lot this month. We’ve got Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, The Derby, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, and this year we’ve got a special project with Espinosa Cigars.

We’re delighted to finally have one of the first individuals that learned and believed in My Cigar Pack before it was even developed. Erik is an experienced, knowledgeable, and cool guy that runs an impeccable operation with his son Erik Jr. and a remarkable team.

My Cigar Pack - FLOR DE ESPINOSA - Espinosa Cigars

It seems that all the cigars that he brings out to the market have a certain “Espinosa-esque” feel to them, yet dynamically distinguish themselves from one another. We want to think that Flor De Espinosa is just that and potentially even more.

Etymologically, the concept comes from a word play with Espinosa and the Tobacco flower, given that “Flor De Espinosa” means Espinosa Flower. Aesthetic-wise, the thorns in the design allude to the Spanish word “Espinosa,” which means “having thorns or spines.” This is not only a play of words, but it’s ironic as well, for tobacco flowers don’t have thorns, just like Erik’s Alpha Dawg look may lead you to think he’s a guy that would easily tell you to buzz off, when he’s more likely to give you a hug and ask you about your day.

Conceptually, the tri-blend pack consists of different prototypes Erik has been working in the past two years. We’ve selected three that may be transformed into a small batch production. We’ll see.

NOTE: Please stay tuned with our Youtube Channel. If you are not subscribed, please do so now. We will soon release a video of Erik discussing the project.


Count PACK 5
Size Robusto Gordos
Wrapper Habano Claro / Secret Maduro
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Origin Nicaragua
Strength Medium

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My Cigar Pack - FLOR DE ESPINOSA - Espinosa Cigars
My Cigar Pack - FLOR DE ESPINOSA - Espinosa Cigars
My Cigar Pack - FLOR DE ESPINOSA - Espinosa Cigars
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