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Cigar Review: Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano Shamir Camasta


Cigar Review: Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano

10 Jul 2024 0 Comments


My Cigar Pack - Cigar Review - Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano

The Tres Delincuentes cigar line from Cavalier pays homage to the founders' shared love for art, music, and their distinct creative spirit. The cigars are meticulously crafted with a blend of premium tobaccos sourced from Ecuador, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras, and are finished with a rich Honduran Habano wrapper.

Each cigar offers a sophisticated flavor experience, featuring intricate notes of cedar, pepper, and cocoa. The name "Tres Delincuentes," meaning "Three Outlaws," encapsulates the founders' maverick ethos and their innovative approach to cigar making. This high-quality cigar line also defies conventional pricing, making it an audacious choice for discerning smokers.

Sebastien Decoppet, the visionary behind Cavalier Geneve, hails not from a traditional cigar-making background but from Switzerland. His journey into the world of premium cigars began in his early twenties during a transformative vacation in Honduras. There, he discovered his passion and immersed himself in the art of cigar crafting. Decoppet honed his skills and deepened his knowledge under the tutelage of the esteemed Plasencia family. He also spent significant time collaborating with Adin Perez at the renowned San Judas Tadeo Factory, where the unique blends of Cavalier Geneve cigars are expertly created.

The Tres Delincuentes series features three distinct lines, each characterized by its unique wrapper. The Connecticut line boasts an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, while the Habano is encased in a Honduran-grown Cuban-seed tobacco leaf. The Maduro line, wrapped in rich Mexican San Andrés tobacco, is particularly notable for its artistic depiction of Sébastien on the wrapper. Each cigar within these lines shares a consistent core blend, comprising an Ecuador Habano binder and fillers sourced from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Honduras.

   Cavalier Genève

My Cigar Pack - Cigar Reviews - Cavalier Geneve

Cavalier Genève cigars are expertly handcrafted in Honduras at their very own Fábrica Centroamericana de Tabaco SA, located in the bustling city of Danlí. The factory employs highly skilled artisans committed to producing cigars of unparalleled quality. Every step, from precise fermentation to the meticulous crafting and application of their distinctive bands, is executed with the highest level of care and attention.

Founded by Swiss native Sebastien Decoppet, Cavalier Genève is a family-owned premium cigar and lifestyle brand that takes immense pride in its contributions to the cigar industry. The company's journey began in Danlí, Honduras, as a dream connecting Geneva, Switzerland, and Danlí. Today, this vision has flourished into a respected family-run enterprise with operations spanning Switzerland, the United States, and Honduras. Cavalier Genève distributes its premium handmade cigars to over 35 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Africa.

This story illustrates how passionate industry newcomers can master the craft, enriching the cigar community with their dedication to creating new art on a blank canvas.


Cigar Details

The Connecticut line features an elegant Ecuador Connecticut wrapper, while the Habano is wrapped in rich Cuban-seed tobacco cultivated in Honduras. The Maduro line is distinguished by its dark, oily San Andrés Mexican leaf. Each Cavalier Tres Delincuentes cigar is crafted in the popular 6 x 54 Toro size, offering a distinctive array of flavors. The Connecticut line provides a mellow-to-medium body, the Toro Habano delivers a satisfying medium strength, and the Mexican Maduro boasts a medium-to-full body. The true allure of Cavalier Tres Delincuentes cigars lies in their ability to cater to a wide range of palates, ensuring a perfect flavor and strength profile for every smoker. These cigars are meticulously rolled to perfection, utilizing some of the finest aged tobaccos in the world.

Attribute Details
Binder Ecuador
Wrapper Honduran Habano
Origin Honduras
Strength Medium
Filler Nicaraguan, Dominican Republic, Honduras
Price $39.99 USD
Size 6x54 - Toro
Count Pack 5 / Single
Free Shipping FREE STANDARD SHIPPING (Up to 5 Business Days)

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Cigar Review: Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano
Cigar Review: Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano
Cigar Review: Cavalier Tres Delincuentes Habano
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