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Caldwell Semi Takeover Alexander Berezowksi


Caldwell Semi Takeover

13 Jul 2023 0 Comments

A take over or takeover, depending on how saucy you feel, occurs when either someone or something assumes control of some other thing; or when a cigar-smoking giant feels that his repertoire is ample and satisfying enough for My Cigar Pack’s members, and decides to take the Pack hostage in almost it's entirety. Yes, it is only a “semi-takeover,” hence the ironic design of the semi-truck label on the Factory Direct.

If you’ve smoked cigars for more than a day, you probably know Robert Caldwell’s trajectory in this industry, and if you don’t, we’ll break it down to you in one sentence. Robert has been part of the cigar industry for as long as we can remember, from owning cigar-making operations, to acting in Lincoln (car) advertisements because of it, and developing a few of the most inventive brands in the tobacco sphere. If you itch to learn more about him, google Robert Caldwell Cigars and don’t be surprised.

Now, the reasons we straightforwardly surrendered to his overhaul are quite simple: the people wanted this to happen, Caldwell and Lost & Found cigars are paragons of the market, and have you seen his stature? You try and say no to him.

The semi-takeover consists in placing eight out of the ten cigars between both packs. The illustrious brands included derive from both the Caldwell and Lost & Found umbrellas, and are mostly made in the Dominican Republic, specifically from the parliaments of icons William & Henderson Ventura, and E.P. Carrillo.

We like to believe that the present combination is one of the purest representations from what manifests of the intellect of Robert and his magnificent squad. Specialty lies in every corner of the cigars placed, from the distinctive Hybrid wrapper in the Midnight express, the sapid Corojo binder in the LLK, the sensitive representation of Booth & Robert behind Paradise Lost, the never-ending creaminess in the Swedish Delight, and perhaps, the mystery behind the Russian Princess Anastasia.


Sizes: Robusto/Robusto Gordos/Belicoso
Wrappers: Habano, Corojo, Ecuador Hybrid.
Binders & Fillers: Dominican and Nicaraguan.

The yellow “semi-takeover” branded five-pack includes 3 different blends from the assemblage of the aforementioned fellow. Robert is enthusiastic about creative schemes, specially when the task is simple (cue sarcasm): provide our members with the best at the most affordable rate you possibly can.

In this assortment you’ll find two identical robusto gordos sheltered by cellophane, two nude counterparts, and a final lighter-toned belicoso.

The Belicoso (or Robusto+ if you are Bryan Glynn or about 20 others)

This is a very creamy cigar with certain hints of spice and a zesty undertone. We had it with different coffees and it was truly a complimenting experience. The light spice may fool your palate initially, but it will even out and provide a soothing ride until the end.

The Nudes

These scream earthiness from the get-go. There is a consistent bold presence in the smoke, balanced from beginning to end. The smoke is very chewy and dense, complimented with flavor of nuts of sorts.

The Cellophane Twins

“This is one of the best cigars I’ve had in the last year.” We’ll leave it at that.

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