EL MYSTERIOUS TIGER DUALITY (VOLUME 2) BY HOSTOS FERNANDEZ & TABACALERA LA ISLA EL MYSTERIOUS TIGER IS BACK BABY! Shortly after releasing the first iteration of EMT we went back to the drawing board with my good friend Hostos Fernandez at Tabacalera La Isla in the Dominican Republic.

The idea was clear on what we wanted and therefore it was easy to achieve. After two consecutive blending sessions with the Brostos the blend was conceived – produced shortly after and set to rest.

The tobacco was sorted for the cigar based on the experience we had discussed and obviously respecting the evolvement we both saw from the original Tiger made by Henderson Ventura through a blend given to us by his father, industry legend and Davidoff veteran William Ventura. The barberpole cigar was non-negotiable and the flavor profile desired was pretty clear from the get-go.

The marriage between the San Andres and Corojo wrappers with the binder & filler combination (which will remain a mystery just like its predecessor’s) is quite unbelievable. We were looking for a dense smoke with a buttery nuance that blended dark chocolate, coffee, and exotic sweetness with an earthy and medium strength profile, accompanied by other peculiar notes we will let you discover.

We got it.

Hostos is a fantastic manufacturer given his extensive experience being part of the Quesada family and working there for more than a decade, alongside his dedication and attention to the cigar craft. We’re proud to keep growing our business with him after being his inaugural client and first order ever when the factory opened in late 2020. The EMT Duality product will be formally released at a retail level – while exclusively Factory Direct members will enjoy the introduction of these cigars at a fraction of their cost.


Production: Spring 2021
Blends: One
Blender: ‘Stos
Size: 6×50

Wrapper: Corojo & San Andres
Binder: Mystery
Filler: Mystery
Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Tabacalera La Isla


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