Do you smoke cigars? If you answered yes, this is for you. Do you drink coffee or any other beverage whatsoever? If you answered yes, this is for you. This may be the coolest thing we’ve done yet. MCP RAMBLER PURCHASE INCLUDES A CIGAR.

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Club Membership

Our most flexible premium cigar subscription is tailored for both the novice and experienced aficionado. This membership is comprised of a cigar selection from the best and validated cigar brands in the world, alongside informational components that enhance your experience. Members can tailor their selection preferences based on strength, quantity, cigar strength, and frequency. Tastes are subjective and given all palates are different, the club membership embraces the cigar curation process investing our resources into the product and providing the highest value in our industry.

This membership includes premium cigars curated for discovery and will most likely be available for regular purchase in either our shops or through certified tobacconists.


My Cigar Pack’s exclusive cigar of the month tier has been designed to provide members with high-end premium cigars while maintaining our core values of providing dynamic offerings through an educational premium cigar platform. Elite Members will receive a range of the most high-end selections we can possibly curate that may oftentimes include exclusive, limited editions, and hard to find cigars.

This membership will include at least 5 cigars, always exceeding the value payed for. It is closed on occasions and is offered as a membership with limited spots which open every month dependingon availability.

Factory Direct

A special cigar club membership that develops unique premium blends at the most affordable rate in the marketplace. We partner with the best cigar factories in the world to provide members with a cigar assortment that is developed exclusively for this program. Factory Direct was developed as a benchmark for My Cigar Pack to develop special projects for our members, and provide a solution for those who didn’t care for brand names, didn’t want to carry the high marketing costs that make premium cigars expensive, or wanted a an every  day affordable cigar outlet that didn’t sacrifice quality.

This membership includes at least 5 cigars developed in partnership through care and attention to detail. These cigars likely evolve to our micro-brands sold through both our retail and wholesale structures.

Special Programs

My Cigar Pack is proud to constantly innovate within our vertically integrated network of brands, manufacturers, partners, and members. We have developed a special cigar club membership segment that is be subdivided into different special programs available both to all visitors or exclusively to existing members.

This membership includes segments such as The Mystery Packs and others…

The Brand Club

A cigar club membership designed for the loyal brand supporters and those curious to dive deeper on one or many cigar brands. My Cigar Pack’s Brand Club Membership has been produced in partnership with a number of brands that support our vision in offering the only premium cigar subscription membership that provides a brand curation process to members. Members will receive a range of cigars from the specific brand they select that will exceed their market value and provide detailed information about the contents. The number of cigars will vary per month depending on the selection curated and the brand’s discretion, and each brand may restrict membership availability depending on product output plans.

This membership will only be available with brands that intentionally partner with MCP for this segment. A different cigar will be featured every month depending on the brand’s product availability and will encompass old, new, limited edition, and in occasions, cigars particularly designed for this club.


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