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(the best, unparalleled)

Example: Michael Jordan is the GOAT.

Why bring into our space (one of? Don’t want to lose any readers before we begin) the best basketball player and one of the most polarizing athletes our eyes have witnessed?  No, this should probably be worded different. Let’s bring into our space one of the most accomplished athletes in his respective field, who happened to smoke cigars before and after his games.

The Last Dance just aired during a global quarantine, and through ten episodes the world was reminded of his Airness’ trajectory, all while he smoked cigars (in only one of the interviews, because his mother did not allow him to light up in all of them). In fact, ever since Michael fell in love with cigars nearly thirty years ago, he’s developed a whole lifestyle around them. He smokes them while playing golf without putting them down, he’s built mancaves for them in his residences, and most importantly, MJ is a loyal ambassador to the craft and what they represent. 

Premium cigars betoken elegance, freedom, and certainly involve some interpersonal connection or even camaraderie. To produce these successfully, you need to have true passion, determination, and talent in the craft. See the connection?

For us cigar lovers and fanatics, seeing MJ light one up pre-game in the Bulls’ locker room and re-lighting a second one after a victory (or loss) alongside a cold one is truly a thing of beauty. This brings us to an important point to make while highlighting one of the most groundbreaking figures of the 20th and 21st centuries: cigars are meant to bring joy and excitement, no matter who you are and under what circumstances you’re in. 

This is article is short and ideally abstract because there isn’t really much to say about Mike that you haven’t read or seen, but making the connection of MJ and cigars is something really important to us. Seeing (a hero to many) a loved and respected figure have so much admiration and passion for the craft that moves us is certainly inspiring; hey MJ, we’re not so different after all. 

One of the circumstances that is constantly brought up in our community, is the fact that cigars bring us together and unite us. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you represent, if you love cigars, we share the same love and appreciation and that, dear friends, makes us equals. 

Image: Mike Nelson / Getty Images


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