1. a place in which people with shared interests, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

Makerspace is a concept that is exponentially becoming more important to us each day. We recognize and embrace that now more than ever, togetherness and partnership is essential in this industry.

We’re constantly looking for ways to source and develop the best cigars in the market for all of our members and even non-members. Our venture started by working with the most reputable brands in the industry, and has transitioned  onto alliances with factories, individuals, and retailers.

Makerspace has been designed as a unique  gateway to collaborate with different brands, collectives, retailers, factories, and individuals. Each series released will have a different concept based on the production we either design or source.

Introducing Havana 2010 (Makerspace’s first series)

Eleven years ago Philip Zanghi was working with a distinctive client that demanded a sophisticated series of cigars with the best tobacco he could source and transform into masterpieces at Leo Reyes’ factory (Leo is an industry veteran and one of the largest independent tobacco growers in the country. His brother Augusto Reyes is an industry icon).

The project ran successfully until an abrupt turn of events halted the venture and the last production was left stranded at the factory’s main aging room. Fast forward until today and you may find Phil constantly monitoring the evolution of this old production. This was a very special project, and he vowed to age them until the right moment came along.

We were humbled when Phil approached us and wanted us to develop something special for this production. Makerspace had been in the works for some time in an unrelated shape and form, and we hunted for the spark that fused it into a powerful mass of energy that would materialize and evolve through fraternity.

We tried some samples and were amazed with the balance, density, and nuances in the cigars. The production came in two similar blends distinguished by a Pennsylvania Broadleaf and Ecuador Habano Oscuro wrapper respectively. We exchanged ideas with Phil and were amazingly synchronized with equidistant perspectives. His only requests were that we treat these blends as honorably as they deserved and that if possible, the word ‘Havana’ stuck with the production to pay homage with the original recipient.

Enter Dave Imber and CigarClub. 

The perfect compliment in the genisis of MS lies in a collective that we have true admiration for, and an ever-growing friendship with one of the coolest people in this industry. We’ve had the intention of catering something to the masses together and the uniqueness of this cigar blended with the appropriateness of the concept was the perfect formula to bring it into fruition.

CigarClub and MCP will work together to introduce the Habano blend to our members and the market. Neither of us had worked with a product older than ten years in age and the simultaneous validation through our platform marks a beautiful journey of what’s to come from this unity.

More to come…


The Havana 2010 Maduro will be dedicated to our Factory Direct efforts of August and for the first time, we’ll include 6 cigars in the selection. As usual, these will be unbanded, as we will release the branded product in unison with CigarClub later this year.


Production: Summer 2010
Blends: One
Cigars: Six
Size: Various
Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Leo Reyes

The Havana 2010 Habano will be dedicated to our Factory Direct efforts of December and this time around the cigars will be banded for easier identification.

The cigars contain the same blend as the Maduro, contrasted by a wrapper change. Profile on this cigar is quite unique with citrus and wooden notes as the most dominant. Please note this is an 11-12 year old cigar!


Production: Summer 2010
Blends: One
Cigars: Five
Size: Robusto 5×50
Wrapper: Habano Jalapa
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan
Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Leo Reyes


The Havana 2010 Habano has been included in all packs and released in variations of SINGLE, PACK 5, AND PACK 10, with an MSRP of $11.50; $50; and $90, respectively. Quantities are limited and once gone there will not be more.



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