February brings us the Saint Valentine’s tradition of celebrating love and friendship, and we’re doing just that. Appreciation is a strong sentiment that takes over our soul every day we receive an order, ship out a pack, see a post on instagram, or read a message of satisfaction with our service. We’re thankful for each and every one of you for the support, and developing a product that materializes these feelings is crucial.

Industry veteran Hostos Fernandez embarked on a new journey to an island with a suitcase full of experience and vision. Figuratively speaking that is, as he’s founded Tabacalera La Isla in the heart of Dominican Republic, where he’s been working with the cigar industry for the last couple of decades. If you’ve smoked a Quesada cigar in the last twenty years, it’s likely he was involved with it in some way, shape, or form.

We’ve got dibs on his first production and we’re honored to introduce you all to this goodness. This month’s Factory Direct includes 3 different blends from TLI’s first production batch.

It features two dark Habano-wrapped cigars, two San Andres Claro, and a third (naked and upside-down) cigar wrapped with a Hybrid Habano Oscuro. Hostos is excited about providing our members with his first release through our platform, and we feel exactly the same way.

The quality and flavor of this selection is superb. We can’t wait to see all the projects that will come out of this factory and the folks that will work with Hostos (@tabacaleralaisla)!

Size: Robusto 5×50

(2) Dominican Seed Habano Oscuro
(2) Mexican San Andres Maduro Claro (Slightly darker pair)
(1) Hybrid Habano Oscuro (No-cellophane)
Binders & Fillers:

Dominican-grown Habano/Corojo. All-Dominican fillers.


These were the exact notes when we defined this would be the blend for the Habano(s):

Leathery and absurdly balanced all throughout
6.5/10 in strength, yet very tamed
Wrapper: NICE – very flavorful
Can’t wait to have this cigar with 3 months of age, it’s got ridiculous potential.

Try it yourself and see if you get the same.


On a message to Hostos on December 9th we described the following:

“This is it. It’s enjoyably earthy, stable, and just well-balanced. It’s not as sweet as 90% of all San Andres I’ve been smoking lately, which is peculiar and interesting.” We proceeded to say it needed nothing and it was READY.


The first cigar we had when we visited the Factory on one of it’s first days of operations. Immediately told Hostos this would be selected as blend #1. 90 days of aging later, here it is. A bold smoke with plenty of dried fruit notes.


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