EL MYSTERIOUS TIGER DUALITY (VOLUME 2) BY HOSTOS FERNANDEZ & TABACALERA LA ISLA EL MYSTERIOUS TIGER IS BACK BABY! Shortly after releasing the first iteration of EMT we went back to the drawing board with my good friend Hostos Fernandez at Tabacalera La Isla in the Dominican Republic. The idea was clear on what we wanted and therefore it was easy to achieve. After two consecutive blending sessions with the Brostos the blend was conceived – produced shortly after and set to rest. The tobacco was sorted for the cigar based on the experience we had discussed and obviously respecting the evolvement we both saw from the original Tiger made by Henderson […]


THE TRILOGY – BY THE HOT TICKET X RODRIGUEZ CIGARS X MY CIGAR PACK Cigars by The Hot Ticket Podcast… That’s it. Pioneers, innovators, and disrupters. Kory and Chris Allen (2/3 of the Allen triplets) have been running an incredible media outlet in our industry with a unique and admirable approach, and we all love them. Our partnership has grown in the last few years but most importantly, our friendship. These guys have been deeply embedded in the cigar culture, visiting operations in Latin America, constantly educating themselves on the craft, engaging with shops across the US and other places in the world, and continuously submerging themselves both through their […]


Production: Summer 2010 Blends: One Cigars: Six Size: Various Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf Binder: Dominican Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan Origin: Dominican Republic Factory: Leo Reyes   MAKERSPACE UPDATE DECEMBER 2021   MAKERSPACE, FACTORY DIRECT DECEMBER 2021 The Havana 2010 Habano will be dedicated to our Factory Direct efforts of December and this time around the cigars will be banded for easier identification.  The cigars contain the same blend as the Maduro, contrasted by a wrapper change. Profile on this cigar is quite unique with citrus and wooden notes as the most dominant. Please note this is an 11-12 year old cigar! DETAILS Production: Summer 2010 Blends: One Cigars: Five Size: Robusto 5×50 […]


THE STORY Earlier this year we embarked in one of many exciting long-term projects, but this one was unique because the synergy between all parties was seamless and we got the opportunity to work with a truly special artist.  We connected with Oscar (Valladares) to arrange future placements when one thing lead to another, and we were discussing ideas to develop together. The notion around the most important one was along the lines of “reproducing an impeccable Connecticut-wrapped cigar like the Superfly, yet even more appealing for the typical non-Connecticut smoker.” If you have a mild idea (no pun intended) of the market stigma around Connecticut-wrapped cigars, then you’ll know […]


EDGAR JULIAN – JULIAN SUED TABACO.  On a crisp Saturday afternoon in summer of last year (2020), we sat down with Edgar in one of the most beautiful coasts of the world; Cabarete beach, Dominican Republic. We were having some beers and enjoyed a few cigars by the water, when he brought up a few prototypes he was working on to include in the production of his soon-to-open factory.  He was anxious for us to try them, as he believed there was something special about those blends… These two cigars were unique, but one had something that the other didn’t, and viceversa. Mind you all, this is one of the […]


May’s Factory Direct is special because we’re celebrating and commemorating a lot this month. We’ve got Mother’s Day, Star Wars Day, The Derby, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo, and this year we’ve got a special project with Espinosa Cigars. We’re delighted to finally have one of the first individuals that learned and believed in My Cigar Pack before it was even developed. Erik is an experienced, knowledgeable, and cool guy that runs an impeccable operation with his son Erik Jr. and a remarkable team. It seems that all the cigars that he brings out to the market have a certain “Espinosa-esque” feel to them, yet dynamically distinguish themselves from one […]