On a crisp Saturday afternoon in summer of last year (2020), we sat down with Edgar in one of the most beautiful coasts of the world; Cabarete beach, Dominican Republic. We were having some beers and enjoyed a few cigars by the water, when he brought up a few prototypes he was working on to include in the production of his soon-to-open factory.

He was anxious for us to try them, as he believed there was something special about those blends… These two cigars were unique, but one had something that the other didn’t, and viceversa. Mind you all, this is one of the first solid results he achieved from the first days that the factory unofficially operated (the absolute first one was FD VOLUME I).

This was exciting for us to witness and for Edgar to accomplish. We discussed the blends and exchanged ideas around on how to contrivesome components to get the desired result. We were in Kite Beach, the sun was setting, the atmosphere was exceptionallyrelaxing, and Edgar mentioned that if we could get that flavor profile from adjusting these components, the blend would be “golden.”

The Golden Hour is the period of time in the day when sunlight is softer and the sun is furthest away. At that moment, we perceived we had something amazing in our hands, even if what we tangibly experienced only demonstrated the potential of what was to be developed.

It all clicked and “The Golden Hour” was born. We agreed to revise these changes until we attained that  “golden” blend. We did, and the small batch was developed – initially-planned to age for one year, when we would release it together. The cigars have now aged beautifully and the timing to release them is just right.

Production: Summer 2020
Blends: One
Cigars: Five
Size: 5×50

Wrapper: Habano 2000
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Origin: Dominican Republic
Factory: Julian Sued Tabac


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