The Antique line is born as an extension to Lost & Found. It all started when Robert was offered a batch of extremely special cigars that were different than anything he had found or developed before. He then agreed to sell the small batch to one retailer and then decided to keep these as they were special to him and he wanted to develop something different than what Lost & Found was offering through their bundle offerings.

This wasn’t simply something that was lost and later found, but a unique production of something he knew well from one of the most reputable factories in the world. These cigars were kept by Robert for personal enjoyment, and have now been re-banded and re-branded as the Antique Line, which include “the oldest, most special, best-tasting cigars…The caviar of what we do with Lost & Found” (Caldwell).

A total of seven of facings have been made available to us and members will be receiving five of them in the pack.

The Coffee Packs

My Cigar Pack has had the intention to include coffee in our subscription platform since our inception. Our first pack ever released in late August of 2019 and included a 2oz coffee pouch from Kimera Koffee, a coffee company based out of the Dominican Republic. We’ve brought this coffee back a couple times and still offer it on Cigar Yard, yet we’re still in the works and hopes of welding this marvel into our platform in an impactful way.

Working with Robert is always interesting given his receptivity to different approaches and ample palate. We both believe that life is too short to smoke bad cigars. It is equally short for bad coffee. He was the ideal candidate to bring back this coffee and cigar romance for our members.

The Caldwell Cigar warehouse was being remodeled and the conference table (which had never been inside the conference room to begin with) was placed in the middle of all the cigars in the massive space. I just want you all to picture where we were sitting and pairing these extremely aged cigars with multiple coffee selections. All it took was two meaningful sessions and we had our final three picks. Why three? No reason, we could have gone with 5 or 10, really. We deemed it was a good variety with three very contrasting profiles in the flavor-wheel spectrum.

We selected three craft (coffees) experiences for members to pair with their cigars, and each member will receive one out of the final selection – find each selection’s details on mycigarpack.com/details. Every pack will include a coffee pouch containing half an ounce of whole beans to make at least one cup/serving using any preferred method. You will need a burr or blade grinder (depending on how cheeky you are) to grind the beans to your desired preference. We will not recommend any brewing preferences as this is subjective to each drinker.

Members will not receive all three, nor will they receive the same. We will have a full sampler on Cigar Yard that includes all Antique Lines and craft coffees for those who want to enjoy the full experience. Not everyone is a coffee drinker, so we encourage those who don’t relish coffee to embrace the power of giving and gift it to someone who does appreciate it.

Coffee has been re-packaged within 24 hours prior to shipping (without degassing valves), therefore we recommend consuming as soon as possible in order to assure beans retain all their rich properties that enable them to become an exquisite elixir.


Here’s where it gets interesting… Last month we had an 11-year-old production in the FD placement, and these are roughly the same age. We’re celebrating Factory Direct’s one year anniversary with arguably the most premium production we’ve curated.

These two blends are different from the seven being introduced in the packs. They are not runner-up(s) or “honorable mentions,” they simply have not been planned-for. If we “hype” these, we will in some way distract you from the attention the aforementioned lines deserve. If these are introduced to the market later on through the Antique Line and you discover what these were, don’t act surprised.

One time purchase for this product will be in stock at cigaryard.com




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