This is our initiative for individuals that love MCP just as much as we do and want to share it with their network.


How to become an Ambassador and what it entails:

– MCP Ambassadors will receive special subscription pricing of $29.99 as opposed to $34.99 (same benefits to those with Factory Direct add-on).

– Ambassadors will occasionally receive special gifts, made exclusively for the program members.

– In order to become eligible, you must:

1. Place the @mycigarpack handle on your Instagram BIO.
2. Have received at least 3 packs. Meaning, after you renew and receive your third pack, you may apply.

How to Contact Us and Apply:

– Please email us at with your full name and instagram handle. 

That’s it!


If you are accepted as an ambassador and you change your subscription preference or selection (example: you change from Mild-Medium to a Medium-Full + Factory Direct Pack) after you received the special pricing, it will be automatically removed. In this case, simply reply to the first email stating who you are and that you changed your subscription preference, in order for us to reactivate the special pricing. 

*Applications will be revised by end of month and applied for following renewals. 


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