The Factory Direct project is celebrating its third iteration this month and is doing so as our most creative 5-pack yet.

November’s partnership sees Adventura Cigars & Henderson Ventura (Tabacalera William Ventura) responsible for catering five (5) different blends for FD members. This is the first time will be providing with a completely different blend per cigar in the pack and we couldn’t be more excited.

The Cast Away concept was born when Henderson Ventura decided to put away certain blends that did not go according to his plan when developing his Navigator line from Adventura Cigars. We went back to these, tweaked some, and were ultimately satisfied with five that made the cut.

These are all from Henderson’s vast tobacco library in the William Ventura factory, home to other renowned brands such as Caldwell, La Barba, Room 101, J. London, and more.

In one of our last product development sessions we sat down and discussed some things about the cigars and mainly projected the “behind the scenes” atmosphere of bringing this project to life.

Creating these blends takes a lot of patience and discipline, especially when you’re putting your name behind them, regardless if it is a $4 or a $40 cigar. We’re proud to work with the partners that trust us in a reciprocated fashion, because it’s our responsibility to bring the best and validated products in the industry to your hands.

Special thanks to @mrgrayz for the MCP exclusive track.

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